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A home with carefully handpicked decorative accessories always stands out and shows off the unique taste of the owners. Home decor accessories make a very important inclusion in the decor as these are the best means to add a dose of character and personality to an otherwise functional space.

At Giftswork UK, apart from our large collection of gift options we also have some great home improvement accessories. In our Indoor living section, we hold a versatile selection of home improvement and decorative accessories.
Our diverse decor gifts stock includes candles, flowers, ceramic gifts, pottery, wrought iron gifts, garden gifts, baskets, vases and napkins etc.  
Our range of scented candles and diffusers is a great home improvement accessory and makes a great gift option too. The stock also includes attractive napkins, spoons and napkin holders etc.
For example we have the Bay & Rosemary Large Silver Cauldron Pot by St Eval Candle Company
Ref : 1691

This section takes care of your home gift needs, garden gifts as well as home decor accessories. All our gift options are very functional and also look attractive.

Visit us and we will make sure that you find the right thing and do not return back empty handed.